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The central building of the university is a monument of architecture of the first half of the XIX century. (classic style) - is an integral part of the empire ensemble of the city of Poltava, built in 1828-1832 by the design of St. Petersburg architect Ludwig Charlemagne as a room for the institute of noble girls.

Founded on December 12, 1818 by the wife of the Governor-General of Poltava and Chernihiv provinces, M.G. Repnina Varvara Alekseevna Institute of Noble Maidens in Poltava became the first among the provincial cities of the Russian autocratic empire a secondary educational institution of closed type for women nobles.

During the hundred-year period of activity of the girlish institute, prominent figures of Ukrainian, Russian and Czech cultures worked in it in different years. In particular, the well-known Ukrainian poet-biker, the former rector of the Kharkov University, professor P.P. Gulak-Artemovsky. For many years a prominent Ukrainian and Russian poet, playwright VV worked as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Institute. Kapnist.

The art of piano playing and Italian singing of the institutes was taught by well-known pianists and composers, collectors of Ukrainian folklore, the Czech brothers, Edlichko Aloiz and Wenceslas. The artists Ivan Zaytsev, Kateryna Roshchina, Vasyl Volkov, engraver Splitstesser worked here, and the writer of Ukrainian romanticism Levko Borovikovsky taught literature. The girls' institute was graduated by the talented sisters Psyol - Glafir and Alexander: one is an artist and the other is a poet.

The famous Ukrainian Democratic writer Lyubov Yanovska emerged from these walls in 1881. In different years the Institute was visited by I.P. Kotlyarevsky, TG Shevchenko, MV Gogol, VA Zhukovsky, the Decembrists are brothers Sergius and Matthew Muraviev-Apostles.

In January 1918, the Institute of Noble Virgins was evacuated to Vladikavkaz, where it initiated the founding and development of a city women's gymnasium. From 1918 to 1930 in the central building of the former institute were located land management technical school, children's shelter, gardening school and other institutions, organizations and institutions.

In the 1930s, Poltava became a union training center for agricultural engineers in the system of newly created higher educational institutions designed to provide the rapidly growing need for engineering and construction personnel for the huge construction site that became the whole of the USSR.

In accordance with the resolution of the Government of the USSR of 23 July 1930 under No. 237 on the establishment of new higher education institutions, the Commissar of Land Affairs of the Ukrainian Government issued an order on the formation of the Poltava Institute of Agricultural Construction on 19 August 1930. Rich in agricultural traditions and achievements Poltava Region since 1920 has been training in the Agricultural Institute (with the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering) for the village. It was the decision of the Poltava City Council that transferred the building of the former Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary - May Day Prospect, No. 24 (central three-storey building and two lateral one-storey buildings not connected to the central building), which became the location of the new higher educational institution.

Among the first teachers of the institute - a graduate of the Kiev Polytechnic, a graduate of the prominent scientist-engineer E.O. Paton - M.S. Toryanik, who founded the reinforced concrete science school at the institute, EV Platonov - a graduate of the Institute of Railway Engineers in Petrograd founded a scientific school on the basics and foundations; former provincial architect of the city of Poltava T.Ya. Gardasevich - founder of scientific school of architectural design; public disciplines at the institute were taught by OK. Kasimenko, S.Yu. Danysov - later known national historians. In the years 1933-1934, the faculty of agricultural construction of the Saratov Institute of Rural Construction, together with 200 students, was attached to our educational institution. From 1934 the library of the institute was headed by Yu. Zhilko - teacher by education, poet by vocation.

In 1938, he was arrested and shot by a special troika in the NKVD in the Poltava region, with accusations of "anti-Soviet propaganda" common at the time. Despite the losses in times of famine and repression, the Poltava Institute of Agricultural Engineers has confidently overcome its first decade. The number of departments in the institute increased and in 1940 it was already 20 (mathematics, physics, chemistry, graphics, theoretical mechanics, construction mechanics, building materials, construction production, etc.). The institute has trained more than 500 students. During the first ten pre-war years of educational activity, the staff of the Institute has trained more than 800 graduated specialists - civil engineers for the village.

With the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War on June 22, 1941, on the shoulders of the teaching and student collective, the rectorate of the institute lay a heavy burden of responsibility for the evacuation of the collective to far Uralsk. Alumni engineers, male teachers were mobilized to engage in fascist battles.
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