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On March 5, 1944, the State Defense Committee of the USSR adopted a decree "On measures for the training of naval command personnel": to establish higher engineering maritime schools and seaworthy regime schools on the basis of naval colleges. To implement this resolution, on June 7, 1944, the order of the People's Commissar of the Navy was issued, which suggested reorganizing the maritime technical schools to higher seafaring colleges and establishing a higher seafaring school in Odessa. Four specialties were opened at the Odessa Higher Naval School (IWMU): navigation, ship power installations and mechanisms, ship electrical installations and mechanisms, ship radio installations. A new NMSF Task Force was sent to the new higher education institution, the task of which was to restore, reorganize and organize the navy's educational establishment. These were shipboard specialists who had extensive experience in port restoration and repair of craft. The group included the engineer of the technical department of the Black Sea-Azov basin management Anatoliy Shved, who was commissioned to establish the school.

From the first years of the school's existence, great importance was attached to the training of scientific-teaching staff, the development of the research base. The government decree stated that the university should include a naval training department. Since 1945 it has been an organizational unit, a special structural unit of the Department of Military Training (ORSO). One of the primary tasks of the school is the organization of swimming practice - an integral part of the educational process. In May 1945, the cadets of the Navigation Department were sent to practice on ships: first on the steamer "Adreana", then on the passenger ship "Ukraine" (both of which were obtained by reparation from Romania). In January 1946, the first vessel of the training fleet was acquired. For the practice of navigation were given the ship "Equator", as well as the sailing yachts "Azimuth" and "Lieutenant Schmidt", which converted into a training ship. Already in the first postwar years active preparation of athletes of different categories, organization and participation of students of the school in competitions of different level and profile was carried out. For its success in the training of specialists in 1946, by order of the Committee on Higher School Affairs at the Radnarkom, the school was granted the status of a university of category III. In August 1947, by order of the Minister of the Navy, first-ranked captain Ivan Gavrilovich Slepchenko was appointed to the post of chief of the Odessa Higher Naval School, which greatly expanded the possibilities of the school: construction of new educational buildings began, experienced teachers were involved in the work.

Among the main tasks of the Academy in the new economic environment were the task of increasing the international prestige of the Academy, expanding international relations in order to organize the practice of cadets and employment of graduates in the leading shipping companies of the world. Over the years of Ukraine's independence, the ODMA has become a leading scientific and methodological center for maritime education, which defines the philosophy, strategy and ways of improving the training of seafarers in Ukraine. On September 21, 2002, the staff of the Academy of the President of Ukraine L.D. Kuchma. Presidential Decree No. 845 of 9/21/2002 testified: "In view of the national and international recognition of the results of the Odessa State Maritime Academy, its important contribution to the development of national education and science, I hereby: grant the status of the Odessa State Maritime Academy the national Odessa National Maritime Academy ... "The ONM emblem and flag were approved. Summarizing the 60-year journey, it should be noted that the wording of the decree is the work of thousands of people - teachers, staff, graduates of OUMU-OVIMU-ODMA. To ensure the practice of all the cadets of the Academy, dozens of contracts have been concluded with shipping companies of Ukraine and other countries, seaports, agencies, crewing companies. The Academy has received a number of certificates, diplomas and medals for the implementation of modern educational technologies, active participation in exhibitions. The basis of the Academy's work as a modern educational and scientific center is, first of all, the solution of topical educational tasks, ensuring the proper quality of the educational process. As stated in the Conceptual Principles for the Education and Vocational Training of Ship Crew Members, Ukraine is a maritime power capable of training highly qualified specialists for the merchant fleet. The entry of the Ukrainian sailor into the international labor market is not only prestigious, but also economically feasible, as it contributes to the development of Ukraine's labor resources. The resolution of 4 June 2014 established the Faculty of Naval Forces at ONMA and subsequently transformed it into the Navy Institute of the Navy of the OMA. On August 25, 2015, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko visited the Odessa National Maritime Academy within the framework of the work program, where he met with cadets, teaching staff and staff of the Academy. In accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of June 15, 2015 No. 623-r and Decree of the President of Ukraine of August 25, 2015 No. 500, since January 1, 2016 ONMA has been reorganized by its transformation into the National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" (NU "OMA" ).
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