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In 1948, the management of the Institute was entrusted to Assistant Professor Pishkin Ivan Petrovich. Under his leadership, in 1954, one of the first experimental television centers in Odessa to serve Odessa was built with the help of students and teachers.

Throughout its history, the Institute has not been aloof from physical education. Athletic individual and team victories at competitions of various ranks have established remarkable sports glory at the institute. Many forces gave the case in the postwar period to the head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports, former tank officer BD Fractman.

Along with the educational process, research works were revived and actively expanded. It is enough to mention the creation in 1959 of an extraterrestrial landfill spread over five hectares of land and the Meteor Research Institute under the leadership of AI Khachaturov, at which leading academy scientists began their scientific activity.

Odessa residents and numerous guests of our city are pleased to listen to the music of IO Dunaevsky, which sounds from the Odessa chimes, which were created at the Institute in 1959. The work of chimes has become a symbol of Odessa.

Beginning of educational work in the new premises (September 1953) became an important, turning point in the life of the institute, to a certain extent with its new birth. Students who joined the institute in 1954 began to study in the new building. Their graduation in 1959 gave the most significant results in the history of the Institute: 7 doctors and 46 candidates of technical sciences. The work of some of them was awarded the State Prize (I. Dezhurny, A. Shutko), Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (A. Zhadan), Gold Medal of the VDNG of the USSR (A. Kohut).

The Institute is proud of such graduates as the laureates of the Lenin Prize AA Bolshoy, VG Popov, NF Lukonin, LM Kosoy, State Prize winners SM Plakhotnik, VI Korol, VN Timofeev, AI Romanov.

�In 1953 a correspondence faculty was established at the institute, in 1956 - an evening faculty, in 1962 - the Chisinau UCP, in 1967 the Kiev correspondence faculty, on the basis of which the Kiev Institute of Communication was established. Since 1965, the Institute has a specialized council for the protection of PhD theses in scientific specialties: "Theory, systems and devices of information transmission by communication channels" and "Networks, communication nodes and information distribution". Since then, 151 Ph.D. dissertations have been defended.

In 1967, by the resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers, the name of the radio inventor AS Popov was given. And in 1980, for its success in training communications engineers and the development of scientific research, the Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR awarded the Institute with a Certificate of Honor.

In 1966-1981 the Institute was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Boris Kutasin. From 1981 to 2001, the Institute, and then the Academy was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ivan Panfilov. In 2001 the rector of ONAZ AS Popov was elected Professor Petro Vorobienko.
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