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Ostroh Academy National University is the successor to the first higher educational institution of the East Slavic peoples - the Ostroh Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy. Founded the academy in 1576 by Prince Vasyl-Konstantin Ostrozky. A large amount of money for the construction of the academy was provided by his niece - Princess Halshka Ostrozka. The Ostroh Academy's activity was based on traditional for medieval Europe, but quite unusual for Ukrainian schooling, the study of seven free sciences (grammar, rhetoric, dialectics, arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy), as well as higher sciences: philosophy, philosophy medicine. Spudes of the Ostroh Academy mastered five languages: Slavic, Polish, Hebrew, Greek, Latin. The uniqueness and originality of this institution of higher learning were also the result that two types of cultures were combined here for the first time: Byzantine and Western European. Ostroh Academy is associated with the renaissance of the Ukrainian people.

At the Ostroh cultural center together with the academy appeared the most powerful Ukrainian publishing house at that time - the Cyrillic printing house of Ivan Fedorov (Fedorovich). The Greek-Slavic "Letter" - the first Ukrainian textbook (1578) - was published here; The New Testament (1580); "The book will gather the things of the most needy ..." Timothy Mikhailovich - the first in the history of Cyrillic printing an index of old printed texts; "Chronology" (1581) by Andrey Rimshi - the first poetic work in Ukraine; a masterpiece of ancient Ukrainian printing, the first full Slavonic "Ostroh Bible" (1581); outstanding polemical works "The Key to the Kingdom of Heaven", "The Roman New Calendar" (1587) by Gerasim Smotrytsky, "Apocrisis" by Christopher Filaret, etc. The student of the Ostroh Academy Meletii Smotrytsky wrote the first fundamental Slavic "Grammar" (1619), which M. Lomonosov called "the gates of scholarship".

Teaching activities at the academy were: literary Demian Nalyvaiko (brother of Severin, leader of the Cossack-peasant uprising of 1593-1596); Greek scientist and religious figure, graduate of the Padua Academy Cyril Lucaris (for some time the rector of the academy, later Alexandria, and later - Patriarch of Constantinople); astronomer, mathematician, doctor of medicine, graduate of Cracow and Padua Universities Ian Lyatosh; the Greek scholar and religious figure Emanuel Moshopoulo; a graduate of the Padua Academy, Nikifor Parasos-Cantacuzen and others. The first rector of the academy was Gerasim Smotrytsky - a prominent educational and cultural figure, teacher, polemic writer, poet.

Among the graduates of the academy are the hetman of Zaporizhzhia's army Petro Konashevych-Sagaydachny, the first rector of the Kiev fraternal school Job Boretsky, the Lavra archimandrite Elisha Pletenetsky, the writer Meletii Smotrytsky, the author of the famous "Palinodiya" Zakhariy Kopyristovsky, Zakhariy Korystychovsky.

The Ostroh Academy ceased to exist in 1636. However, the results of its activities have not disappeared without a trace. The type of higher education institution formed here was moved to Kiev, from where it spread to Moldova and Moscow.

The Chronicle of the Revival of the Ostroh Academy in Independent Ukraine begins in 1994 with the Decree of the President of Ukraine. Thanks to the following decrees of the President of Ukraine, the building of the Ostroh Academy gained new momentum.

According to the monitoring of the websites of higher education institutions of Ukraine, conducted in 2014 by experts of the OPORA Civic Network, the official site of the National University of Ostroh Academy was ranked fifth in this ranking (among the official websites of 274 universities).
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