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The history of our Institute begins in 1961, when the Kyiv People's University of Technical Progress (KNUTP) was established on the basis of the Republican House of Economic and Scientific and Technical Propaganda of the Knowledge Society and leading universities of the capital of Ukraine.

People's universities in the USSR were, on the one hand, a form of adult education: in the early 1950's the problem of general literacy was solved, and the statement "education is the exact barometer of the state of affairs in society" became relevant. People's universities, which began to emerge since 1955, have become institutions of higher education for workers and other professionals without interruption of production. At this time, "adult education" was just beginning as a science (much later in the West, the theory of "Lifelong Learning" appeared). On the other hand, during the "thaw" period, when the economy of the country shifted to market principles, popular universities became the similarity of business schools (MBAs) and the basis for obtaining a second higher education for Soviet managers.

However, the University of Technical Progress, established in Kyiv, differed both in form and content. Its training programs were designed with the advanced theoretical knowledge and practical achievements of science, implementation in production, so they went beyond the standard programs of universities. The faculties that emerged at KNUTP trained specialists in new inter-sectoral knowledge, that is, responded to the challenge of time. For example, the faculties of medical cybernetics and industrial design were unique at that time.

During the 15 years (from 1961 to 1977), the number of faculties increased from 2 to 24. The university became an experimental training base for advanced production. In particular, departments of chemical fibers, sewing and knitting production were set up at the request of specialized enterprises, and after the request of medical research institutes the faculty of medical radio electronics started working. Some specializations at the university were initiated by individual scientists who experienced the "warring of time", for example, the Faculty of Methodology of Invention, the Faculty of Physics and Technology, etc.

In many respects KNUTP came about thanks to enthusiastic scientists. The organizer and the first rector was academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR Andriy Vasylenko, who embodied his plan of broad technical and economic educational activity. Through the efforts of the second rector, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor Grigory Valentinovich Samsonov KNUTP turned into a public academy of technical progress. It is impossible to overestimate the contribution to the world technical development of the third rector of KNUTP - Larikov Leonid Nikandrovich.
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