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Kharkiv National University of RadioElectronics was Founded in 1930 and one of the oldest schools in Ukraine. It grows dynamically today and its research and educational capabilities in electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, information and computer technologies have no equals in Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The idea of the national renaissance is the cornerstone to the University's active philosophy. One of the most progressive and perspective state schools, KHNURE takes pride in its role in building an independent Ukraine. It is a modern school, which welcomes youth not only from Ukraine, but from many other countries as well.

Today the University is a house for over 12 thousand students majoring in 34 specialties. The school is successful in growing its academia and has a postgraduate program of 240 studentships. Every year about 40 researchers in 28 specialties have their theses passed and attain their Doctorates.

The research base of the University is continuously developing. The school has a university-wide computer network and a functional center for distance learning. The other facilities include: an electronic library, a student television center, a laboratory of satellite television (the only one in Ukraine), laboratories of the electronic office technologies, information security, consumer electronics, microprocessor devices, bank technologies and others. Computer support for planning and monitoring the education and other university routine processes is based off "The University" corporate analysis solution.

The University pioneered the remote education in Ukraine. It was the school's proposal to create the Ukrainian Association of Remote Education, which helped unite and coordinate joint efforts of the in this area of the educational institutions in the Commonwealth of Independent States. It's not just the school's modern technical base, which ensures the high standards of the school's education. The golden reserve of the University is its high-skilled teaching staff, which includes 135 professors and 340 post-graduate degree holders. The quality of education is proved by awards won by students at the national and international scientific competitions. KHNURE's broad international academic ties give access to its students and postgraduates to studies and internships world-wide.

In recognition of its high achievements in the field of academic education, the University was awarded a Silver Medal and a Diploma of the Laureate of the 8th International Academic Rating of Popularity and Quality "Golden Fortune" in the nomination "The Quality of Education of the Third Millennium" in 2001. KHNURE has everything needed to provide its students with a balanced development: a library, reading halls, an art center with numerous art clubs, a sport club etc. The University pays a great attention to impelling its students into the national values, such as their native language, the history, the literature and arts. A research was launched on innovations in the education process with the results being published in the University's "The New Collegium" journal. This journal has become a platform for sharing scientific experience and ideas among Ukrainian college professors and researchers.

The scientific achievements of the University are known both in Ukraine and abroad. Among KHNURE's outstanding researchers are nine Honorary Scientists of Ukraine and 25 members of national and international Academies. Out of 30 known scientific groups more than half were formed in the years since Ukraine gained independence. The scientific achievements of those schools are predominantly in the areas science and technology that the Ukrainian government deems a priority. The unique research results promoted the development of dozens of new scientific areas and solidified the leading position of the national science school in many economic and defense applications; most importantly, in the space research. The equipment built by the scientists of the University helped create the most complete in the world catalog of meteoritic particles of the Near-Earth space. This equipment has also allowed performing high-precision measurements during the launch of the first Ukrainian satellite "SICH-1" as well as creating a global model of technogenic particles in the stratosphere and the mesosphere of the Earth.

The International Astronomical Union has named three minor planets "KHNURE", "Kashcheyev" and "Voloshchuk" in recognition of KHNURE and its professors B. L. Kashcheyev and Y.I. Voloshchuk's roles in studies of the Near-Earth space. KHNURE is the only university of Ukraine distinguished internationally at such high level. Scientists of the University work productively on implementations of such national programs as space research, IT, nondestructive control and technical diagnostics. The University hosts annually three international conferences: "Theory and technology of transmitting, reception and processing of information"," Education and Virtuality" and "Radio & Electronics and the youth in the 21st century". Since 2000, KHNURE has become the hub of electrical and electronics engineering science development in the region. It's also the base for the International Academy of Applied Radio and Electronics science founded by leading scientists of the defense industries of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus in 1992. KHNURE is also the base of the National Association "Antennae" and of the Eastern- Ukrainian department of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

The University partners actively with schools in Great Britain, Finland, France, Germany, the United States and other countries. This boosts the integration of the University into the European and world systems of higher education. A high-priority direction of such partnership is the school's participation in INTAS, INCO-Copernicus and other fundamental and applied scientific research programs funded by the European Union. The students are actively involved in the research work on the international projects. As a result, KHNURE has adapted a new unified system of education degrees with qualification levels of specialist's and master's degrees, which makes it possible for the University to be a part of the common network of technical colleges of the European Union. Improving the lives and leisure time of its students is vital to the University. Modern healthcare center was created using the results of the University's own scientists' work in the area of medical diagnostic equipment. Also available to the students and staff is the health resort "Impulse" of 100 beds capacity.

The progress of the University goes along with implementing the development concept based on such priorities as integration into the European and world systems of higher education; participation in state social programs for educational improvement through building systems for correspondence and distance learning and retraining, raising professionally and socially sound generation of citizens ready to work actively and responsibly for the future of the society and the country. The achievements of the University in the past and present, clear vision of its development path distinguish KHNURE as one of the known Ukrainian centers of the scientific and technical progress and promise it a bright prospective.

Academic Year
The academic year is divided into two semesters. The first semester begins from 1st September and finishes in first week of January. The second semester begins from 1st February and finishes in the mid of June.
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