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Donetsk National University DNU From 1940 to 1961 the Institute was led by Serhiy Ksenofotnov and from 1961 by Mykola Khoroshailov. In 1964 Institute was subordinated to Kharkiv State University and became a Donetsk branch of Kharkiv State University named after Maksim Gorky.

On May 28, 1965 the Soviet of Ministers of the USSR enacted a Decree on organising Donetsk State University (DSU) based on Donetsk branch of Kharkiv State University. Professor Leonid Lytvynenko became the first rector of the University (1965-1968). In 1965 post-graduate studies were launched at the University with only 16 students at first. This was the year when faculties of biology and physics as well as students' campus were built.

Professor Yuriy Shevlyakov was appointed the second rector of the University, who managed the institution from 1968 to 1970. In this period the main 12-storey building was constructed. Professor Hryhoriy Tymoshenko was the third University rector (1970-1975). In 1972 a Museum of University's history was opened in the main building.

Professor Hryhoriy Ponomarenko was the rector from 1975 till 1986. Since 1986 the University has been managed by the Professor Volodymyr Shevchenko. On September 11, 2000 by the Decree of the President of Ukraine the University was accorded the national status.

On the December 22, 2003, an unusual from the point of view of law and moral event took place. It was called "The New Year exam auction" by organizers, who were the heads of DNU and of the faculty of the accountancy and finance of the same university.

In addition to high-profile corruption scandals, DNU is also known for cases of plagiarism of foreign scientific publications. Thus, in 2010, the case of plagiarism by Inessa Artamonova (former head of the Journalism Department at Donetsk National University) became known, as she was caught red-handed by Russian colleagues, namely for theft of texts of Russian scientists while writing her doctoral thesis. Until now, official bodies of Ukraine did not respond to the complaint of Russian scientists, who gave all the evidence of plagiaris

Donetsk National University unites training, research and industrial centers forming a complex that includes: 12 Departments; 33 Specialties; Mariupol Humanitarian Institute; Donetsk Interior Institute; Donetsk Humanitarian Institute; 3 Technical Colleges; first in Ukraine Lyceum with Ukrainian as a training language; 6 regional Training and Retraining Centers; 3 Educational-Research-Industrial Complexes; 8 Training Complexes; 5 Departments and Advanced Training Centers; the UNESCO Department for Ecology in the Technogenous Region; Business Centre; Centre for Political Studies; Youth Centre for Legal Studies; the Laboratory for International Scientific and Technical Cooperation; Consulting Centres of the British, German and French Councils; Postgraduate Courses and Doctoral Studies.
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