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Donetsk National Technical University DNTU is the first higher education establishment in Donbass and one of the first technical university in Ukraine. It've seen the eightieth anniversary in 2001. It leans for support of its staff creative and scientific potential, has powerful logistics and stable traditions in engineers training. The university is sure in its future.

. About 23 000 full time and correspondence students are trained at the University on its 60 specialities;
. There are 28 corresponding members and academicians of different engineering academies, 18 honoured scientists and teachers among the University staff;
. A number of the Dontsk national technical university( DNTU) scientists are honored and full members of foreign scientific societies and academies. It has professors and students who are Soros' scholarship holders;
. The Committee of the CRE, at its last meeting held in Bordeaux on 19 May 1999, has accepted application of Donetsk State Technical University for membership. Therefore the DONETSK NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (DNTU) has become a new member of the Association of European Universities (CRE).
. DONETSK NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (DNTU) is registered as a member of SEFI-a European engineering education association-and, as a full member of this non-governmental international organization, participates in the seminars and meetings organized by it as well as in the annual conference and meeting of the SEFI General Assembly;
. DONETSK NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (DNTU) is a Contributing Member of the UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education (UICEE)
. The university has about 30 collaboration agreements with universities, organizations and firms of Europe, North America, Asia and Africa;
. The University is a member of the American Material Science Association;
. Thirteen scientists of different foreign Universities are honoured doctors of (DNTU).

In 1941 the University, the first among technical education in Ukraine, for services in the preparation of highly qualified engineering staff was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labour, and in 2003 for achievements in training engineers for the People's Republic of Vietnam - Vietnam Order of Friendship . Donetsk National Technical University - founder of high technical and economic education in the Donbass. Research and teaching school university contributed to the development of a network of scientific and educational institutions Donbass.Using his scientific and human resources made Donbass State Academy of Engineering (Kramatorsk) Donbas National Academy of Architecture and Construction (Makiyivka) and a number of research and design institutes. For more than 90-year year history the University has trained more than 205 thousand professionals, including 12,122 young professionals, 47,326 bachelors, and masters 145,712 and more than 3000 - foreign experts for 87 countries.Among the graduates DNTU - 7 Heroes of the Soviet Union, 30 Heroes of Socialist Labor, 8 Heroes of Ukraine, more than 170 state prize laureates, leaders of countries, regions, ministries, industries known public and political figures, scientists. At one time students were DNTU M.S.Hruschov, O.F.Zasyadko, O.P.Lyashko, A.B.Solov Lukyanenko, Yu.L.Zvyahilskyy, Viktor Yanukovych, A.P.Klyuyev , Yu.P.Yaschenko and many other prominent public and political figures. The university consists of 7 institutes (fifth base high schools and 2 - as a separate unit), 22 faculties, 5 colleges, preparatory courses for foreign students, 3 training centers (training staff, preparing for admissions, distance learning)Department of Military Training, Science and Research, 2 lab problems, career center, scientific and technical library with more than 1.9 million volumes and 2.7 thousand electronic books, German reading room Goethe Institute, 4 sportscomplexes. In DNTU also operate "The School for Human Rights", "Foundation for progressive reforms," "Cultural Institute" Cultural Center "Sofiynist", "Association of friends of the Donetsk Polytechnic" technopark.

In 2011, by Order of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, k DNTU was joined State University of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence as a structural unit.In addition, the University entered Professional Lyceum, where 155 students with obtaining complete general secondary education get working profession. At this time, University trains specialists in 39 areas, including 70 majors III and IV levels of accreditation and in 18 specialties and level of accreditation. Currently enrolled in DonNTU over 25.5 thousand students. Since 1996, the Donetsk National Technical University was established and successfully operates Master of Public Administration, which for the executive and local authorities Donbas and Ukraine for 15 years produced 1260 Masters in "public service". Preparation of the teaching staff through postgraduate and doctoral studies carried out in DNTU by 49 and 37 fields respectively. There are 7 specialized councils for the protection of dissertations for academic degrees, of which six councils - on Doctor and a council - for defense of theses. Only in the 2011 rock DNTU was reserved 39 master's and 6 doctoral theses.

Teaching Building 105 chairs of departments and 40 branches, of the III-IV accreditation level has 1723 people, among them: 1 academic and 3 Corresponding Members of NAS of Ukraine, 50 academicians and corresponding members of branch academies, 24 distinguished educators and 23 honored Scientists of Ukraine, 3 distinguished inventors of Ukraine, 3 Honored coach of Ukraine, 146 doctors, professors and 762 PhD, associate professor. First among universities in Ukraine Donetsk National Technical University developed the concept of language training for students and created special linguistic and technical departments, where teaching is carried out in a foreign language. One of them, the German Technical, founded in 1992 together with Magdeburg University in support of "Siemens", recognized the reference pilot project of DAAD. University gained experience as introduction of innovative learning technologies and education, providing a significant contribution to the integration of national higher education in European and world space allowed in 2011 the team of scientists DNTU be awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of education.

Based on many years of theoretical and experimental activity developed 10 well-known in Ukraine and outside schools in the fields of geology, geoinformatics, mining, metallurgy and metallurgy, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation, energy and electrical engineering, chemical engineering and computer science, computer engineering , the economy.

The University has invested heavily in the preservation and development of material resources, the provision of advanced telecommunications and information technology. Material and technical base is DNTU: 31 academic, 3 laboratory and scientific and industrial buildings, 7 workshops, 21 dormitories, 3 stadiums, sports arena, swimming pool, 4 sports complexes, 19 sports halls, six student dining rooms, 7 health posts, three health centers, 133 computer classes at this time DNTU builds modern information and library center with total area of 10000sqm.

The university was formed and successfully operating a complex system of organization and efficiency of scientific and technical creativity of students. Since the mid eighties of last century till now, DNTU annually ranks first in the group of technical universities. In 2011, the results of nationwide competition for university students received 36 prizes. Ukrainian competition of students' scientific works were 50 students. One student scientific work awarded National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and 2 of the awarded letters of commendation, NAS of Ukraine, 1340 articles and reports published in Wako and other publications of the Ukrainian level. Based DNTU held 5 international and 7 nationwide student scientific conferences.

DNTU - established global university that actively carries out international scientific and technological cooperation with more than 70 famous universities from 20 countries and 30 foreign firms, a member of the 22 leading international educational organizations, including the "Association of European Universities" (Geneva, Switzerland ), "International Centre for Engineering Education at UNESCO" (Melbourne, Australia), "European Society for Engineering Education." DNTU is a regional center for scientific network URAN, through which the university is integrated with scientific and educational information space of Ukraine and is connected to European research and education network GEANT 2. This workers have a new level of access to European scientific and educational information resources. The University is a member of the Ukrainian Academic Grid Initiative - UAGI, allowing researchers to DONETSK NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (DNTU) have access to super computing resources of Europe and Ukraine.

According to the ratings of universities in Ukraine that carry out the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and other institutions DNTU stable holding high places. Thus, in the national rating "Compass", which involved 234 Ukrainian universities III-IV accreditation levels DNTU among the five best universities in Ukraine. In regional ranking of higher educational institutions of Eastern Ukraine DNTU reached the leaders. This recognition of employers on the basis of assessment of knowledge and skills graduates labor market demand.
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